Add safety and beauty to your steps.

Give your home a stunning appearance, as well as enhanced safety, with skillfully designed custom railings. Our most popular designs are made of PVC, which allows for a great selection of styles and colors. However, we also offer glass and stainless cable railings, as well as cove moldings. These are all guaranteed to add a beautiful look to your front porch, backyard deck, and more. We’re fully knowledgeable of all necessary codes when it comes to railings, so you know that yours will pass them.


The durability, as well as the customization options, of PVC makes it an ideal choice for any kind of railings. You’ll receive an elegant design that will last for years, thanks to PVC’s resistance to rotting and damage. This also means that you won’t have to worry about any kind of maintenance like repainting. In addition, PVC can easily be molded to your specifications and match your home’s exterior. Whatever color or style you’d like, Rose Fence will create it for you.



The elegant cove moldings we have can add a decorative finish to your top railings. You can either choose one in a matching color, or perhaps something that’s more vibrant to use as an accent. These moldings are what will give your railings that truly polished and elegant look.



Rose Fence also provides a line of tempered glass railings, which are polished on both sides. We can easily customize them to suit your home as well. Glass railings allow our customers to enjoy their scenic property without obstructions or sacrificing safety. We recommend installing them to add protection to any stoop or patio. Glass railings are especially a beautiful accent near water, whether they’re built on a dock or near a pool.

cable railing


Our stainless cable railings are another fine choice for those looking to view their landscape with no obstructions. These railings provide a sleeker look without any added maintenance; this is because stainless steel resists rusting in most environments. Moreover, the sturdiness of the cables will easily protect anyone from danger. When Rose Fence installs stainless cable railings for you, you’ll have a strong installation that will last years to come.

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