PVC or vinyl fences offer a wide variety of options

We manufacture all of our PVC in our very own local Long Island facility. PVC fencing has a great appeal because it not only looks stunning, but is also long-lasting. It’s a material that requires relatively low maintenance and can be easily cleaned too. All of these reasons are why vinyl fencing has become the most popular option throughout the country.

Benefits of PVC Fences

Easy Maintenance

PVC fences never have to be repainted. In addition, if you experience vandalism or graffiti on your fence, it’ll be relatively easy to wash off because PVC resists paints.

Variety of Styles & Colors

Because so many options are possible with PVC fencing systems, we also offer them with an arched top rail. Each of our fence styles is available in four different colors: white, tan, khaki and gray. We can also add a wood grain look.

Economical & Eco-Friendly

PVC fencing is an affordable option that lasts years to come. Because it requires very little maintenance, harmful chemicals don’t need to be used to clean your fence.

Strong & Flexible

When vinyl fencing is installed on your property, it can easily last a lifetime because of how strong the material is. It won’t be easily damaged by a storm and will continue to look new for decades.



PVC also makes it easy to create the look of a classic white picket fence. Rose Fence can easily give you that traditional look, without the added maintenance. We can even enhance this look with the option to apply our “Woodgrain” design, which creates the illusion that the fence is constructed of wood and not PVC.


The construction of our privacy and semi-private fences all include methods that bring extra security. Because of this special construction method, our picket fences are not only double-sided, but also far sturdier than many other fences that competitors offer. Because PVC fencing is ideal for any applications, the heights we offer range from 3 to 8 feet.

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